Farm Intern Programme


    • It’s a training and work programme for people dead keen on farming!
    • 4 days a week are working on farm and one day a week is in class.
    • You get FREE stuff – farming gear & uniform
    • You go on trips to the Field Days and do other cool things like learning how to crutch and shear a sheep, ride quads, get your first aid certificate, use a chainsaw, fence a paddock and learn heaps of other on farm skills.
    • You will have to agree to follow the rules and be health and safety conscious.
    • You’ll also have to complete some theory work but there are NO EXAMS!
    • At the end of year one you will have the NZ Certificate in Agriculture Level 3.
    • In year two you can continue your studies and the NZ Certificate in Agriculture Level 4, if you want to.
    • This course is eligible for Studylink to cover fees, if you are eligible.

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Download our prospectus here or contact or call us (09) 438 3109



The programme starts in February and finishes in 44 weeks. Usually this will be February to December.

You can go home at weekends, still play sport although there may be some extra busy times on farm when you may have to help out a bit longer.

There will be two one week breaks from course during the year – usually when things are not so busy on farm!

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  • No fees.
  • If you are eligible, you may get student allowance through study link to assist with this in the first year.
  • In year one, you earn while you learn. There are several options depending on the farm you are matched with.
  • In year two, you will be in paid work.


No catches! If you want a career in farming, fencing or even shearing where you can travel the world and earn big bucks – this is the programme for you, right here in Northland!


Want to get an intern at your farm? Email us at or call (09) 438 3109 for more information.