Intern Programme

Earn while you learn! The Farm Intern Programme provides an opportunity to live on a farm, get paid and get qualified.


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Tertiary Study Scholarship

Whangarei A&P Society has been offering a study scholarship for students planning a career in agriculture or related industries since 2002.

The scholarship is worth a total of $9,000 over a three year period.

Since it began, Northland’s young people have been awarded the scholarship.  They have come from all sorts of backgrounds and have a wide variety of interests including:

  • research and development
  • veterinary studies – both vet nursing and veterinarian
  • economics and finance
  • and farm management.

Our scholarship differs from others in that any agricultural or related area of study will be considered.  This means scholarship recipients have also attended a wide range of training and learning institutions – from Otago and Lincoln Universities in the South, through to Auckland, Waikato and Massey in the North.

Whangarei A&P Society’s scholarship may be just what you are looking for, as you leave school and continue your studies and your career in agriculture.

Rural Leadership Scholarship

Whangarei A&P Society is a firm supporter of the Kellog’s Rural Leadership Programme.

Dates for 2025 are TBC:

The Society is not officially running the rural leadership scholarship as in previous years, but if you are living in Northland and are interested in completing the course and need assistance, please get in touch directly


Rural Exchange

The Society has a reciprocal agricultural student exchange programme with Nambour State College, Queensland which began in 2013 when two students from the Kamo High School Teen Ag Club – Jesse McLeish and Caitlin Williams, visited Nambour on the first rural exchange.  Since then, each year two students from Northland visit Nambour and help the Nambour School cattle showing team prepare cattle for the annual Sunshine Coast Show. They spend two to three days at the Nambour school farm before travelling to Brisbane.  In return, in December each year two Nambour College students come to New Zealand to assist with the Fresha Valley Suzie Moo Show which is held at the annual A&P Show.

In 2014 TeenAg participants, Alisha Frost, from Kamo High School and Deana Barfoote, from Tauraroa Area School were the 2014 exchange recipients. In 2015, Brad Martin and Jake Cosson, both from Kamo High School were our exchange students.  The 2016 exchangees were Zane Williams and Ezra Houltham, Kamo High School. The 2017 exchangees were Grace Moscrip and Connie Mason, WGHS and 2018 exchangees, from Whangarei Girls High School were Bella Latimer and Kayla Lear. In 2019 the exchangees were Kendal Wyatt-Logan and Samantha Forsyth.  (The exchange hasn’t occurred since 2020 due to travel restrictions related to Covid-19.)

The purpose of the exchange is to provide educational enrichment to students who wish to develop their agricultural experiences.

The Exchange Programme creates strong links with Nambour whilst also encouraging youth involvement in Whangarei A&P Society activities.

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