Applications open for $9000 Scholarship

Our $9,000 scholarship opportunity opens on the first of July 2022.

Sean Alexander, our 2020 scholarship recipient has checked in with us to let us know how it’s all going…

‘Closing in the on the end of the first semester I have seen good results for all of my classes so far and have especially thrived in Economics and Commerce, achieving the top 10% in my Economics class. I’m thoroughly enjoying Lincoln as it has many opportunities to offer. I’m involved with the Young Farmers club and the Hunting Club, helping with the planning of events such as the Speed Shear coming up this Saturday. The large uni workload and the clubs keep me busy, but I have found time to explore the South Island, mountain biking, Hunting and fishing. I’ve made some new friends from all over the country, Thank you so much to Whangarei A&P Society for this opportunity, I’m enjoying myself so much, but I do miss being at home on the farm!’